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Step back in time to where Jesus walked to the Cross!

Smell the fresh, warm bread; weave a basket of reeds; make clay pots… Can you hear the music echoing through the Marketplace? Engage all your senses as you travel back to a different time and a fresh experience—and walk with Jesus today!

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A Day at Jerusalem Marketplace

Kid's start the evening at the Opening Celebration where the tribes join together to worship and enjoy a time of celebration, followed by the Opening Tribe Time, where small groups gather to map out the days activities. The evening continues with kids heading off and visiting the following areas:

Marketplace Shops - Craft cool projects like Wooden Dreidels and Matzoh Covers.

Synagogue School - Discover how Bible-times school was different from today.

Village Playground - Play high-energy games like Ha 'Avarat Kadur and learn Jewish Dancing!

Jerusalem Food Hall - Enjoy a full meal (consisting of kid-friendly foods like grilled cheese & pizza)

Closing Tribe Time - Experience authentic Jewish traditions and make connections to modern-day lives.

Finally, kids will come back to where the day started for the Closing Celebration, where kids will wrap up the night with singing, dancing, and celebrating!

As a parent or guardian, you are welcome to join in at the Closing Tribe Time! Otherwise, please make sure you arrive no later than 8:45pm for child pick-up.

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VBS takes place June 6-10th from 6-9pm

At Jerusalem Marketplace VBS, Children pre-k to age 12 are invited to join in on an awesome week of adventure where God's Word comes alive through engaging interaction with Bible history!

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Register Your Child Today!
Pre-Registering is not required, but is highly recommended and appreciated! By pre-registering, we get a head's up on how we can best serve your child throughout their adventure at the Jerusalem Marketplace!
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